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CCTV news channel praises ERDOS sustainable fashion strategy


On the evening of October 16th, the brand “ERDOS”, of Erdos Group, held the "MAN YAN CASHMERE POWER show " exhibition at the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art. For the first time, the CASHMERE POWER show incorporates the concept of sustainable fashion and contributes to the sustainable development of the fashion industry. The development has helped give voice to a wide range of concerns.

"News Live" on CCTV News Channel report the show,and spoke highly of ERDOS's efforts and practices in sustainable fashion. "News Live" also interviewed with Wang Zhen, Chairman and General Manager of Inner Mongolia Erdos Resources Co.

Shanghai Fashion Week took place from the 9th to the 20th of this month, and this year, designers are not only focusing on fashion styles at more emphasis on environmental protection and sustainable use.

The fashion show held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai, not only showcased fashion, but also materials, mix and match and the art of light and shadow. And fully integrated into the sustainable fashion concept, some of the garments are made from recycled materials to minimize their environmental impact.

Wang Zhen: From the very beginning of designing a garment, the designer starts thinking about how to make it more versatile so that it's It will last longer. We have also launched a “Da Yi Huan Xiao Yi” project to convert parents' old clothes into children's clothes. All of these initiatives are really about working with our consumers to make this fashion thing greener and more sustainable.

Based on industry responsibility, branding and corporate social responsibility, in 2017, Erdos Group formally established sustainability as a development strategy for the Group's headquarters and developed a corresponding action plan. In 2019, the group released 《ERDOS WAY》,and planned across three dimensions: supply chain, brand and employees, carefully To create a cashmere industry chain from shepherd to consumer, from manufacturing to brand retail. And through a family of five brands and more than 1,300 stores, it has established a lasting, high-frequency link with a wide range of consumers in China. To spread cashmere culture, pass on the concept of sustainable fashion and lead the industry to healthy and sustainable development.