Brand Value Of ERDOS Rose To 103.675 Billion, Topped The Textile Industry For Consecutive Years_鄂尔多斯
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Brand Value Of ERDOS Rose To 103.675 Billion, Topped The Textile Industry For Consecutive Years


On August 5, the 17th "World Brand Conference" was held in Beijing, where the "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" of 2020 was released authoritatively.

Erdos, with a brand value of 103.675 billion RMB, ranked 49th in the total brand value list for 14 consecutive years, proving its leadership position in the textile and garment industry.

The list is published by World Brand Lab, one of the world's most respected brand research organizations, and is based on financial analysis, brand strength and consumer behavior analysis over the past several years.

According to the report, the total value of "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" in 2020 is 2,469.058 billion Yuan, an increase of 2,821.025 billion Yuan, or 12.90%, from last year. The number of brands with nationwide influence in the list is 435, accounting for 87.00%; the number of brands with worldwide influence is 55, accounting for 11.00%, a slight increase from last year. There are 53 Chinese brands with a value of more than 100 billion this year, an increase of 6 from last year.

This year’s World Brand Conference focused on the theme of "How brands grow against the global epidemic". In addition to presenting reports and awarding prizes on site, management gurus from Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge and INSEAD were also invited to attend the conference online and give online speeches to discuss the theme of the conference: "How brands can grow against the global epidemic".

The global epidemic is not over yet, but consumer behavior has changed significantly, says Hessen Ding, CEO of the World Executive Group and World Brand Lab. First, for established brands, consumers were more willing to try new brands and products during the crisis; second, consumers are more demanding than ever before, more likely to buy brands with high ESG scores, and increasingly interested in safety, experience and comfort; third, the COVID-19 epidemic has forced most consumers to abandon their consumer beliefs, from grocery shopping to sports to socializing; and third, the new epidemic has forced most consumers to abandon their beliefs, from grocery shopping to sports to socializing. All are undergoing major changes, and entrepreneurs and managers need to adapt to this trend and make timely brand strategy adjustments.

As the industry leader, the backbone of the private economy, Erdos have withstood the test, and has not been block the trend of rising brand value despite the COVID-19 epidemic and the environment of brands reshuffle. On the one hand, Erdos always has a positive and optimistic attitude to cope with the changes and challenges, quickly adjusts its strategy and implements it, walking in the forefront of innovation mode with practical actions, strengthening the online connection with consumers with more content and angles, constantly thinking about the changes in the decision-making level, adapting to the new purchase path and trying more directions. On the other hand, Erdos is also a brand focusing on inheritance and quality, and its long-lasting life comes from the adherence to the corporate philosophy, with the mission of "warming the world", Erdos creates quality products with craftsman's heart, and does its best to bring more positive and extensive attention and influence to cashmere industry and consumer groups. To stay true to the cultural core of the brand in the ever-changing world.

In the future, Erdos will continue to build up brand advantage, actively respond to risks, meet challenges and create legends again to promote the healthy development of the industry in the name of brand and bring sustainable happiness to people.