Canada Day

Yesterday on Canada day my parents and I drove to Stevenson, Richmond for the Canada day parade.We got there early so we wandered around the booths a little and then we saw a booth with a game. the game was that you need to throw 2 out of 4 beanbags into a tiny hole in a inflatable bouncy mat.I won and I chose a foldable frisbee as my prize.


Then we walked to a street nearby where the were grilling salmon fillets over a giant wood fire on racks measuring around 1 meter by 2.5 meters,there were 8 racks in all.The people working there rotated the racks by looking at the time and once a specific time passes they would take off the rack closest to them shift all the other racks toward them and add another rack with raw salmon on the other end.1 rack takes 10 minutes to be ready for consumption.Since this is not a very common phenomenon lots of people were gathered around the fire and taking photos,my dad was one of them.The salmon was sooo delicious,but it was kind of pricey at $16 per filet and salad.But even though it was this pricey the line for it was the longest line in the whole celebration. According to the official site of the Stevenson salmon festival last year they sold ___ salmon.


After that I went to a bouncy castle park they set up nearby and my dad bought me 12 tickets with $10.First I played in a race track bouncy castle where I won the race.There was also a golf course where I got 3 hole in ones out of 10.Then I went to an archery place with a bow and some arrows tipped with foam as to not injure anyone.I shot a floating foam ball down by accident because my arrow went sideways and hit the ball with its tail!

Then we had to leave and on the way home there was a traffic jam that lasted 1 hour with absolutely no movement.At night we went to Coquitlam for  fireworks.In summary it was an awesome day.

The Dragons (ch. 1)

The beginning


In the beginning the Ultimate dragon used his great fire to melt asteroids and join them together to make earth,that effort caused the dragon to fall into a coma.Just before he fell into a coma he had 20 eggs with his wife, those 20 eggs were all different sizes,weights, colours and they were all scattered around the universe,when they hatched they would be the 2nd generation of dragons.These new dragons would have both newer,and better powers.For example when the dragons were old enough they would learn PortalFyre which enables them to blow a very hot fire into a square shape , and if that dragon goes into the fire he/she can choose to go to any place in the cosmos within a 10 Billion lightyear limit.

Report card

I got my report card for this term and here is a list of things I will definitely try my best to improve my mark in term number two :


Language : For Language I will write more detailed and descriptive work , along with expanding my vocabulary .


French : In French class I will work on recognizing more words from the play “ Louis La Grenouille ” while also trying my best to say those words out loud . Another thing I will work on is taking more care for the classroom work .


Social Studies : For Social Studies I will take notes more often and research more about the first peoples like the Haudenosaunee and the Algonquian peoples .


Physical Education ( P . E . ) : I will use more effort in the sports we play such as basketball and soccer . I will also focus more when I am playing dodge ball by not looking at the wall and looking at the actual players .


Music : I will try my best to beat the drum at the exact time required and at no other time except when the teacher allows it .


All in all I will do my homework better , hand them in on time and also work on my organizational skills.

A Kittens game first reset

Today I reset the timeline for A Kittens game . Now you may be wondering what a kittens game is so here is a short explanation .


A Kittens Game is a clicker idle game by BLOODRIZER where you start by gathering catnip and slowly you get unicorns , alicorns and a space program ( The cats can go to space! ) .


Today I reset my kittens after 9193 game years . That looks like a lot but lets do the math , each game day is 2 seconds and there are 400 game days in a game year so 1000 game years is 9 human days therefore 9000 game years is 81 human days .


The reason that I want to reset in this game is that if I reset I get a bonus to production proportional to the number of kittens I had before my reset .


The screenshot below is what I got before I reset the game.


Another element in the game is research . When I get a number of science points I can spend them to give me upgrades that boost my production , increase my storage of materials or to unlock new aspects in the game . There is also trading in the game which means that I can trade my resources to some special creatures such as dragons and Griffins for more precious resources.


In my opinion this game deserves a six stars rating out of five .


As some of you know,I am moving back to Ottawa in 2 days.Why do I say back you wonder?Well it’s because I was born in Ottawa so I’m going back to my birthplace.

I will keep you posted every day for my trip here.


Coding Camp

Yesterday I finished Byte camp 2d video game design .The camp was 1 week long and each day had 6 hours of learning.One funny thing was that on the last day 2 teenage volunteers found out that I was going to Burnaby mountain secondary and even asked me about the head of math department there Mrs.Morrison.Every day there were 3 breaks whwere we played outdoor games.On the first day we learned how to make a simple dodge game where evil flowers fall from the sky and you have to dodge them.On the second day we did a platformer where you get Jake the dog to the end of a level.On the last 3 days we each made our own games mine was a cat platformer:

Cat escape.png

the green and brown block is ground,the – is no jump and the + is bounce

One of the best tings about this camp is that the teachers are nice and help us with our individual problems instead of as a group.The teachers also taught us new ways of debugging like using ctrl+shift+i to check for any bugs and looking at possible missing semicolons.Overall this camp has been w=very fun and if I could go again I definitely would!