Yesterday during class time a very surprising and unusual thing happened. A cameraman came in the classroom then a guy who looked like James Bond came in and proposed to Ms.Geddes(my teacher).

Right after the proposition we started to talk about the party that we were going throw her. The next day we organised the party at lunch time and everybody either brought a present or they brought decorations.We told all the lunch monitors that came in to not tell Ms.Geddes and we even had a guard to warn us if Ms.Geddes came near.During the last 10 minutes we all cleaned up our desks to impress her and during the last 5 minutes we all hid.When she came in and turned on the lights we jumped out from our hiding spots while shouting CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!.

apple pie picure  Pie,Mmmmm…/|\

I blew up most of the balloons while Nicholas brought in lots of decorations like banners and some hangars that he got from the Dollar tree. The entire party lasted for 1 entire hour with most of it being free time.During the free time Nicholas,Brian,and I made a Keva sculpture standing on 16 legs which doesn’t fall apart even if you take out half of the legs which are supporting it.The music was changed from Hello to Cake by the ocean to The Narwhal song to pink fluffy unicorns to Spectre(I changed it to spectre)…You get what I’m saying all in all it was craziness(But also very fun!).

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