The very long walk

Yesterday my classmates Enoch,Eugene and I completed a math assignment from our teacher Ms.Geddes. The assignment was about time and distance.We had to find places in Vancouver to find the distance from the school to those places using Google Maps.

Using Google we found a loophole in the instructions,apparently there is a place in Washington DC called Vancouver.Then when the teacher saw our work she realized her mistake and told us that we could go anywhere in north america instead.HTM.png

Also as part of the requirements we had to stay in each place for more than 10 minutes at a time.So we decided to stay in Houston for 10 years(while I became a rocket scientest),MIT for 4 years(while I got a bachelors in math),and Hollywood for 5 years(while I learned to be an actor).The funny thing is while I was learning the other 2 members of my group were working at KFC!

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