Sea to Sky Gondola Trip

On Wednesday this week my class and I went on a trip to Squamish for the Sea to Sky Gondola.The ride there was on a big bus with enough seats for 2 people to share 1 seat or just going by yourself on a seat.It took around 1 hour to get from Capitol Hill Elementary to Squamish.

When we got there we had a bathroom break.Then my class went to a Ranger named Aaron for instructions and info.He told us about Deciduous and Carnitious trees which are trees with leaves that fall and Evergreens respectively.Then we got on the Gondola,the gondola’s highest point is 850 meters above sea level.The ride up was 10 minutes approximately.

Soon after that we walked across a 100 meter long and 68 meter high bridge secured by steel cables which are drilled 9 meters in granite.After we walked across we went on a 1 mile hiking loop.It was fun even though Brian kept on pushing his way to the front like it was some kind of race even beside a cliff.Then we learned about shelter building in the forest from the Ranger.There are 2 main kinds of survival structures:the Tepee and the A-frame.A tepee looks like a cone of wood surrounding a central tree.The A-frame is made from a partially fallen tree with sticks arranged like an x on top of it.

After we went back to the lodge we ate lunch,surprisingly lots of people brought sandwiches.Then we rode back down on the gondola and it was time to go on the bus.The experience was very fun overall and if I had a chance I would go back any day!


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