Last day of school

Today is the last day of school and unfortunately my last day of MACC(the Multi Age Cluster Class).I didn’t get a chance to join from the start because I missed the application deadline in grade 3 so there was no space for me in grade 4.Then when I took the test in grade 4 the district put me on the lottery list for the people who can’t go because of space.Then in the middle of grade 5 a girl named Yi had to leave so the spot was reloteried and I got selected.


In MACC all of the students are more engaged in the classroom and Ms. Geddes (our teacher) understands what gifted students need.In normal school teachers usually think you are a delinquent just because you are bored in class.

MACC is also a very fun program.We had many field trips for example the bowling trip,the Float your boat challenge and the sea to sky gondola trip.The bowling trip was a replacement for the skiing trip which costed a lot more and was much more tiring.The Float your boat challenge was a class wide version of the Burnaby float your boat challenge.

However this is my last day at MACC because I will be moving to Ottawa in September.



The MACC program was very fun overall and if I had a chance I would do it again!

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