This year at BMSS for me

BMSS is by far the best high school I’ve been to this year.It is awesome for many reasons.Some of them include the classes,the teachers and the pizza!This year I took calculus 12 with Mrs.Morrison who is the department head at BMSS.As I said previously I love the pizza there and I will be telling you why soon.

The pizza there is great because of 3 reasons.The first one is that you can actually see what they put in the pizza because the do it on a counter where the potential customer can see.Secondly the slices are huge,not like pizza in a box which are very slim and mostly air.Lastly the chefs and the cashiers are all very nice which makes the experience even better.The lunch lady also particularly likes me!

The teachers are all very nice and good at the things they teach.I know you are thinking why wouldn’t a teacher know that they are teaching,Good question because some teachers just pay a school some money to be let in.The teachers I know at the high school are :Mrs.Morrison(department head teaches calculus 12),Mrs.Fulop(teaches math) and Mr.Liu(helps other math teachers).Anyways the niceness of the teachers are directly proportional to the amount students learn.So in my opinion the teachers at BMSS encourage the students to learn so much that even the lazy students learn a lot.I am also Currently enrolled in grade 12 Precalculus summer school.

In conclusion BMSS is a very great school overall and it has many upsides.So I give it a rating of pi^2(around 9.8) out of 10.


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