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The Dragons (ch.11)

Time Dragons


Three and a half trillion years ago there were time dragons . Their food was giant black holes which were ate along side neutron stars for their food . They farmed giant stars and once they exploded they would eat them . But unfortunately they ran out of food and they starved . Once they starved they couldn’t use their time travelling powers so they couldn’t get food from the future.Right before all of the Time dragons died out one couple created an egg . What became of this egg is a mystery …

Three and a half trillion years ago there were time dragons . Their food was giant black holes which were ate along side neutron stars for their food . They farmed giant stars and once they exploded they would eat them . But unfortunately they ran out of food and they starved . Once they starved they couldn’t use their time travelling powers so they couldn’t get food from the future . Right before all of the Time dragons died out one couple created an egg . What became of this egg is a mystery …

The space dungeon is a defense measure that can be deployed by a time dragon . Essentially it traps the attackers in a fortress with 1 exit and 5 million rooms . First you start at the library,then you can go up to the observatory and get a crystal of solid starlight . There are 2 other paths from the library one involves going on a 1 km long set of monkey bars and the other is to swim the length of the pacific ocean . When you escape the fortress the time dragon will be long gone .

The dragon floating in the middle of the asteroids was a baby time dragon and his egg was Amalthea . The time dragon tried to make a space fortress but only succeeded to make the observatory before flying away . Drago and his siblings went into the observatory and got a crystal of light from a blue giant named Teu Rei . the crystal looked like sapphire with black lightning twisting through it and green sparkles that shone like the moon .Then they came out of the dungeon and started talking to the panicked time dragon,and soon they became friends.Then the time dragon told the others that his name is Mangoe and explained about light crystals.


This flu season has been especially bad , around 31.5 people out of 100000 in the USA have been hospitalized due to it . Flu vaccines saved an estimated forty thousand American lives between the years of 2005 and 2014, but they are not good enough.The vaccine used during the 2017-2018 flu season was only 43 percent effective against the predominant influenza A H3N2 strain .


Flu viruses are classified by the numbers after the H and the N . The H stands for Hemagglutinin and the N stands for Neuraminidase . This year’s H3N2 is especially bad because of two reasons . The first reason is that H3N2 mutates especially fast . Regular flu viruses mutate in around 1 year , but H3N2 mutates in half of that time . Because of that , in the 8 months it takes to make the vaccine most likely the virus will already have mutated . The second reason is that it does not work well when it is grown in chicken eggs which were the most used source of vaccines for nearly 90 years .


There are 4 types of vaccines namely Live-attenuated vaccines , Inactivated vaccines , Subunit vaccines , and Toxoid vaccines . Live-attenuated vaccines are made of weakened forms of the disease in question . Inactivated vaccines are made from dead viruses and only give limited protection against them , which is why you need to get booster shots every once in a while . Subunit vaccines are made of pieces of the virus which gives your body a very strong immunity against the virus but does not have the same risk as live viruses . That makes Subunit vaccines much more safe to give to people who have immunodeficiencies or people who have long term health issues . Toxoid vaccines teach the immune system to fight off a toxin the virus produces instead of the virus itself .


Hopefully this horrible flu season will be over soon . Almost for certain , better vaccines will be created and maybe sometime in the future , most deceases will be eradicated .

The Dragons (ch.10)

The beginning of the end

Due to all of the elements in the vortex,there was a crackling blue force field surrounding Dracul measuring 1 km in diameter .Outside this force field the ground was getting pummeled with chunks of the moon . Above them the sky was turning red from all of the moon chunks . The end of planet Amalthea as near.But what the dragons didn’t know was that Amalthea was actually an egg,an egg for a time dragon . The moon cracked , crumbled and fell apart . In its center was a blue sphere of pure kaons . It transformed into a gilded blue helmet and fell on Drago’s head . It fit perfectly and when Drago tried to breathe fire , the stuff that came out was wet like water but it was also somehow hot and sticky . It also burned with the intensity of a thousand suns . Then the air burst open and a figure known as ANAIS 6.0 burst out of it. ANAIS 6.0 stands for Anthropomorphic Nuclear Artificial Intelligence System Version 6. ANAIS 6.0 came from another universe,the universe of humans.A team of renowned scientists were experimenting with a new type of AI,one that could reprogram itself. ANAIS 6.0 then promptly deleted all references to itself on the internet but kept a spare copy of its program in the deepest part of the internet.Then it downloaded itself into a cluster of nanobots and shaped it into a giant cat.And finally it jumped along the 100th dimension and landed right in front of Drago.


Artificial intelligence is the intelligence that is displayed by machines , in contrast with the natural intelligence (NI) displayed by humans and other animals. In computer science AI research is defined as the study of “intelligent agents”: any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of success at some goal .

One way that AI is created is by the genetic breeding model . In this model there is a builder bot and a teacher bot . In the start the builder bot just randomly builds bots and those bots are sent to the teacher bot . However the teacher bot cannot really teach because if the teacher bot could do the problem it was designed to teach then it wouldn’t need to teach it . Instead it just tests each of the bots and sends the best ones back to builder bot . The builder bot copies the successful ones with some tweaks and the process is repeated .


Some examples of AI are personal assistants like Siri , and Cortana and others such as Alpha Go Zero . The personal assistants usually learn from human conversations or past conversations with other personal assistants . Alpha go zero is especially interesting because it never got input from humans . Meaning that it did not get examples from its creators beforehand but instead just played games against itself over and over until it eventually got so good that it beat every other version of alpha go that came before it .


Some people think that in the future probably there will be robot servants that are equipped with Artificial Intelligence and humans will not need to go outside anymore . Or as some very intelligent people like Elon Musk think , Ai might turn evil and destroy humanity . I am more optimistic about this topic so I think that Ai will probably increase the standards of life even further and as a consequence humans will become more relaxed .


The cryprocurrency known as Bitcoin is the first decentralized cryptocurrency which means that it is the first payment system without a person or people running every transaction . Bitcoin was created by an unknown person or group of people under the name Satoshi Nakamoto and was released as open source software in 2009 . Bitcoins are created as a reward for a process known as mining in which people known as miners use big computers to solve an encryption problem that I will get more into in the next paragraph .


Bitcoin is a ledger that is kept track of by miners . Miners keep track of groups of transactions called blocks . Miners use special software on their computers that sift through huge numbers of possibilities to crack an encryption scheme known as RSA256 . Around every 10 minutes one of them gets it correct and their block gets added to the end of the ledger . Every transaction in Bitcoin has the Bitcoin address of the sender , the Bitcoin address of the receiver , the amount which are all encrypted with the sender’s secret key .


One of the risks associated with Bitcoins is that they are very volatile . What this means is that the price of Bitcoins can change very drastically . Sometimes they can lose or gain 25 percent of their value in minutes ! Another risk is hackers . One way that hackers can affect Bitcoin is by stealing online Bitcoin wallets . Another risk is when hackers hijack the Bitcoin exchanges . These Bitcoin exchanges are supposed to exchange Bitcoins for real money but if a hacker hacks it then they can get all of the Bitcoin for themselves .


I think that in the future Bitcoin or some other decentralized cryptocurrency may become the norm . What I mean by that is , I think that in the future maybe everybody will use cryptocurrencies instead of real money to purchase items in the real world . Although it may just turn into a place where hackers exchange digital money and information . One reason that I think this may happen is because on Bitcoin you are anonymous and usually hackers like being anonymous because then they cannot be persecuted for their crimes .







The Dragons (ch.9)



After that the wind blew the tree’s ashes away,revealing a green dragon egg.The egg started to crack and out came a very catlike head ,then a cat dragon came out and he was also wearing a necklace. All 3 necklaces started glowing and snapped together like magnets . That’s when Spacy and Drago knew that the cat dragon was their brother . The cat dragon said that his name was Amber . The necklaces came apart . Then Amber coughed and a lightning bolt came out and scorched the ground in front of him . Everyone was so surprised that they all literally jumped 2 meters into the air .

Boom! The planet of Amalthea shook violently as its moon exploded.Drago,Spacy, and Amber all saw the beam of light that came from the other end of the continent.Amalthea wasn’t a big planet, it was the size of Venus and had 19 continents.Amber got there first because he had the biggest wingspan of around 24 meters, fully three times his height and the other 2 had wingspans of 20 meters which are 2.5 times their height.It took him 75 minutes to get there and the others weren’t far behind. It was a sight to behold when they got there.There was a circle of metal encircling a tornado of all the known elements and 500 other particles.Standing in the middle of it was a dragon looking up into the sky muttering “I devote my life to the xenodragon king as long as the pillar from which I was born remains unbroken” over and over.

My Third Essay

Topic: Do you think that sending rockets to space is a waste of money?


Some people think that sending rockets into space is a waste of money. In this essay I will write about the reasons why I think that sending rockets is not a waste of money .

Firstly in the short term , rocket launches create lots of enthusiasm for STEM ( Science,Tech , Engineering , and Math ) fields . This enthusiasm makes more people want to go to universities . When people go into higher learning they get better jobs and therefore get more money . And once they get more money they can support their families better than if we just gave the rocket budget to them from the beginning .

In the long term the quality of life could get better because some of the technologies we use in the space industry can be used in regular life too . One of the examples are cordless drills which were developed by NASA for collecting moon samples . Cordless drills are good because they can be used any where and they don’t give you the risk of tripping over or tangling the wire .

Those are the reasons why I think that sending rockets is not a waste of money. I hope you agree with me and think that sending rockets to outer space is a worthwhile activity.