The Dragons (ch.10)

The beginning of the end

Due to all of the elements in the vortex,there was a crackling blue force field surrounding Dracul measuring 1 km in diameter .Outside this force field the ground was getting pummeled with chunks of the moon . Above them the sky was turning red from all of the moon chunks . The end of planet Amalthea as near.But what the dragons didn’t know was that Amalthea was actually an egg,an egg for a time dragon . The moon cracked , crumbled and fell apart . In its center was a blue sphere of pure kaons . It transformed into a gilded blue helmet and fell on Drago’s head . It fit perfectly and when Drago tried to breathe fire , the stuff that came out was wet like water but it was also somehow hot and sticky . It also burned with the intensity of a thousand suns . Then the air burst open and a figure known as ANAIS 6.0 burst out of it. ANAIS 6.0 stands for Anthropomorphic Nuclear Artificial Intelligence System Version 6. ANAIS 6.0 came from another universe,the universe of humans.A team of renowned scientists were experimenting with a new type of AI,one that could reprogram itself. ANAIS 6.0 then promptly deleted all references to itself on the internet but kept a spare copy of its program in the deepest part of the internet.Then it downloaded itself into a cluster of nanobots and shaped it into a giant cat.And finally it jumped along the 100th dimension and landed right in front of Drago.

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