Month: February 2018

The Dragons (ch.12)

The Narrator Dragon

Light Crystals allow any dragon to teleport to a set location in the cosmos . In particular some crystals can even be made from black holes . Those crystals radiate cold and they literally suck your energy away . There are also crystals from white holes which boost your energy and provide warmth . If a crystal from a white hole and one from a black hole touch then they explode in a blast powerful enough to tear space and time to create an everlasting wormhole . Then Drago felt sorry for Mangoe and offered to take him to their home on Pi-41.Then Mangoe and the siblings went to their house which they called the “Awesome Cave“.When they arrived they got a book off the shelf and found out that a time crystal was trapped in an eternal time loop five hundred years ago.Then they agreed that after a good night’s rest that they would go and retrieve it.

The next day they prepared for their journey.When they were ready Mangoe unleashed wild torrent of black fire and then used his mind to turn the fire into a river and then into a sphere.After that he told Spacey to make a shell of ice around it.Then Mangoe explained that if everyone touched the ice,he could time travel them all.When they next blinked they were about to be stepped on by a giant with the time crystal embedded in his forehead.

“Run!“ yelled Drago.

When they had run 500 meters they turned around and saw not one but three giants barreling down on them . Then they seemed to pause in mid leap and only their mouths were moving because Mangoe stopped their local time.They said that their names were Bing,Bang,and Boom. Bing said “ To get the crystal one of you must best Bang at wrestling . ”Mangoe volunteered and he stopped time and pushed Bang over so he won.Then they got the crystal and they prepared to go back.


Once they got back, they took out the light crystal and stepped into its beam . All of them instantly teleported to the home of the Narrator dragon . The Narrator dragon lived on a hill in the middle of a planet called Gaea in the planetary system of sol in the La vía Láctea galaxy .


The concept behind homeschooling is really quite simple: Parents accept total responsibility for the education of their children rather than transferring the bulk of this responsibility to a public or private school . In practical terms, this means that the home becomes the center of a child’s education , rather than a school . Parents , who have a deep interest in their children based on love,become the primary educators for their children.Homeschool parents carefully guide their children through their mental, emotional, and physical development.The parents choose an educational path for their children based on each child’s personality and gifts.

Public schooling is free, and each child is guaranteed to have a free and appropriate education. There are public schools all over, making it easy for your child to get there, plus there is usually transportation, so you don’t have to do anything to get your child to school except to get them out to the bus stop on time.The kids also get a lot of socialization which will help in their later lives. They will encounter a lot of different personality types.However,public schools are geared to teach the average student. Which means gifted kids get bored and kids who are struggling keep getting left further and further behind.

Some benefits of homeschooling are that homeschooled children get the individualized education that their parents want them to . The education is totally geared around the child and will work towards their strengths and help them with their weaknesses . The parents get to spend a lot of time home with their kids , so while the kids are being educated they are also bonding with their kids . The gifted kids get to work as fast as they can , while the children who are struggling get to spend all the time they need to stay caught up .

Some disadvantages of homeschooling are that that the parents of the child in question has to give up a lot of their time to teach the child . Another is the lack of facilities , there is no way for a standard house to be as well equipped with learning materials as a standard school is . There is also the question of the costs , it costs a lot of money to get all of the textbooks , worksheets , and other learning materials .

Those were some of the reasons why I think homeschooling is a very good idea .