The Journey Of A Tadpole (ch .1)

Hello . I am a tadpole . I am writing this story in the hopes that other tadpoles like me will be inspired and fight back against the tyranny of sharks .

It began the day I saw a book . I saw it because the teacher in the classroom I was in put it in front of my tank . It described the 4 elements earth, fire, air, and water as known by the greeks . Unfortunately , the next day I found myself whizzing through some pipes . The next thing I knew I splashed into a lake and saw a shark coming towards me . It slapped me across the lake and into a small cave filled with air . I was surprised to find that I could breathe on land and fell in surprise as I heard another voice  “ Wow! I have never seen another tadpole who can breathe on land before ” . He asked me how I got here and I told him that I didn’t know and that my name was Archimedes . He responded by saying his name was Raptor and that he would just call me Arch instead of Archimedes .

5 days later I remembered what I read in the science book . I tried some experiments in the air cave . Raptor had a lighter and some rocks . I did some experiments with all 4 of the elements . First I got some water and threw it . It was very ineffective . Then I threw a pebble , and it flew around 1 meter above water and 10 cm in water.The lighter worked and a huge ball of fire erupted from it . Unfortunately the fire does not work under water . The air just floated up and was useless . Then I got a bigger rock and I couldn’t throw it because it was too heavy .

The next day I swam outside the cave and suddenly was confronted by an evil carp . This horrible Carp kept poking me . Angrily , I swam back to the cave while vowing that I would have revenge on the carp . In the cave I asked Raptor for 2 pieces of rope and using them , Using the pieces I made a sling . I learned how to make slings from a science demo in the high school where I grew up . Unfortunately I was terrible at it and I could only sling a rock around 1 . 5 meters .

Even though I was bad at the sling , I still went out of the cave and confronted the carp.I slinged a rock at its face and it swam away in terror . The carp dropped a rubber band and I took it . In the cave, Raptor told me that if I got a curved piece of wood and looped the rubber band through the ends , I could shoot a rock much further than when I had thrown it . I followed his instructions and I made a slingshot that could shoot a rock 5 meters away !


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