The Journey Of A Tadpole (ch .2)

When I went outside the cave again , a gun bonked me in the head . I brought it into our cave and shot a stream of water 10 meters away ! Raptor was so surprised that he fell into the water . I then went outside and asked one of my octopus friends to squirt some ink into the gun and I renamed the gun as  “ The Ink-Blaster 5000 ! ” . This was the first serious weapon that I had ever made!

Since I know that everything is made of earth , air , fire , and water , I will write down the elements everything is made of . I will write f for fire , e for earth , a for air , and w for water . For example :

rubber bands = e+a

ink = e+w

wood = w+e

plastic = f+w+e

I went outside with the gun and saw an eel swim up to me . Then I felt pain much more than I had ever felt before . It was agony ! However , I still managed to shoot it with the gun . I swam back to the cave and flopped onto the ground . Raptor revealed that he kept a store of greek fire which is an incendiary that burns under water . He said I could shoot it from my gun . I loaded it in and  went outside the cave .

I shot it at the eel and it swam away so fast that it dropped a gift card for $1000 at “Barnie’s weapons factory”.I swam out to Barnie’s  and told him that an eel dropped it . He said that he was very happy that he got it back .He said the reason was that the rude eel stole it . He was so glad to have it back that he gave it to me for free!

I saw a box labeled “1000 kunai” and immediately bought it for $500 . I brought the box back to the cave and I started practicing throwing them . I could throw them around 5 meters and hit a target. Raptor also tried and he could throw 6 meters , He could do this by using his entire body instead of just his fin.

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