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How Cat Kingdom Was Created (part 1)

I, the cat prince woke up in a gigantic catnip forest.The last thing I remembered was touching the green fire in the Holy Kitten’s temple. I saw 5 other cats from the kingdom around me , their names were Shiny,Sparky,Fluffy,Muffin and Abraham Jackson the third (AJ3 for short).And the catnip extended as far as the eye could see. However I did not see any way back to the kingdom . Suddenly With a poof the real Holy Kitten appeared in front of me. He said “ YOU MUST BUILD A NEW KINGDOM HERE!  ” and disappeared with another poof. I immediately told all of the other cats to gather some wood and when we had enough we built the first hut.

Holy Kitten appeared again and said “ FOR EVERY HUT YOU BUILD , I WILL BLESS YOUR KINGDOM WITH 2 NEW KITTENS  ” . Immediately after that Holy Kitten and the other 5 cats disappeared and in their place stood 2 kittens.I told them to start getting wood and when we had 25 logs we built a library!