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Premium Air(For Kittens Only)

Buy Premium air! It is harvested deep within the mountains of Catltlantis where the air is completely free of pollution,Catlantian air also makes your fur longer,sleeker and silkier.It comes in your choice of a borosilicate glass jar or a plastic bag that has been treated with Polytetrafluoroethylene(Teflon).

It comes in 3 scents:Ocean,Forest,and Fresh cut grass and 2 sizes:regular(500 g compressed to the size of a soccer ball) and jumbo(1 kg compressed to a basketball).

The regular costs $1000 and the jumbo costs $ 1990.Buy 20 get 1 free deal.LIMITED TIME OFFER!!!!!!!!!!Buy your first regular bag half off.

99 out of 100 kittens approve(the one that didn’t approve was grumpy cat).

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