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The Dragons (ch.12)

The Narrator Dragon

Light Crystals allow any dragon to teleport to a set location in the cosmos . In particular some crystals can even be made from black holes . Those crystals radiate cold and they literally suck your energy away . There are also crystals from white holes which boost your energy and provide warmth . If a crystal from a white hole and one from a black hole touch then they explode in a blast powerful enough to tear space and time to create an everlasting wormhole . Then Drago felt sorry for Mangoe and offered to take him to their home on Pi-41.Then Mangoe and the siblings went to their house which they called the “Awesome Cave“.When they arrived they got a book off the shelf and found out that a time crystal was trapped in an eternal time loop five hundred years ago.Then they agreed that after a good night’s rest that they would go and retrieve it.

The next day they prepared for their journey.When they were ready Mangoe unleashed wild torrent of black fire and then used his mind to turn the fire into a river and then into a sphere.After that he told Spacey to make a shell of ice around it.Then Mangoe explained that if everyone touched the ice,he could time travel them all.When they next blinked they were about to be stepped on by a giant with the time crystal embedded in his forehead.

“Run!“ yelled Drago.

When they had run 500 meters they turned around and saw not one but three giants barreling down on them . Then they seemed to pause in mid leap and only their mouths were moving because Mangoe stopped their local time.They said that their names were Bing,Bang,and Boom. Bing said “ To get the crystal one of you must best Bang at wrestling . ”Mangoe volunteered and he stopped time and pushed Bang over so he won.Then they got the crystal and they prepared to go back.


Once they got back, they took out the light crystal and stepped into its beam . All of them instantly teleported to the home of the Narrator dragon . The Narrator dragon lived on a hill in the middle of a planet called Gaea in the planetary system of sol in the La vía Láctea galaxy .

The Dragons (ch.11)

Time Dragons


Three and a half trillion years ago there were time dragons . Their food was giant black holes which were ate along side neutron stars for their food . They farmed giant stars and once they exploded they would eat them . But unfortunately they ran out of food and they starved . Once they starved they couldn’t use their time travelling powers so they couldn’t get food from the future.Right before all of the Time dragons died out one couple created an egg . What became of this egg is a mystery …

Three and a half trillion years ago there were time dragons . Their food was giant black holes which were ate along side neutron stars for their food . They farmed giant stars and once they exploded they would eat them . But unfortunately they ran out of food and they starved . Once they starved they couldn’t use their time travelling powers so they couldn’t get food from the future . Right before all of the Time dragons died out one couple created an egg . What became of this egg is a mystery …

The space dungeon is a defense measure that can be deployed by a time dragon . Essentially it traps the attackers in a fortress with 1 exit and 5 million rooms . First you start at the library,then you can go up to the observatory and get a crystal of solid starlight . There are 2 other paths from the library one involves going on a 1 km long set of monkey bars and the other is to swim the length of the pacific ocean . When you escape the fortress the time dragon will be long gone .

The dragon floating in the middle of the asteroids was a baby time dragon and his egg was Amalthea . The time dragon tried to make a space fortress but only succeeded to make the observatory before flying away . Drago and his siblings went into the observatory and got a crystal of light from a blue giant named Teu Rei . the crystal looked like sapphire with black lightning twisting through it and green sparkles that shone like the moon .Then they came out of the dungeon and started talking to the panicked time dragon,and soon they became friends.Then the time dragon told the others that his name is Mangoe and explained about light crystals.

The Dragons (ch.10)

The beginning of the end

Due to all of the elements in the vortex,there was a crackling blue force field surrounding Dracul measuring 1 km in diameter .Outside this force field the ground was getting pummeled with chunks of the moon . Above them the sky was turning red from all of the moon chunks . The end of planet Amalthea as near.But what the dragons didn’t know was that Amalthea was actually an egg,an egg for a time dragon . The moon cracked , crumbled and fell apart . In its center was a blue sphere of pure kaons . It transformed into a gilded blue helmet and fell on Drago’s head . It fit perfectly and when Drago tried to breathe fire , the stuff that came out was wet like water but it was also somehow hot and sticky . It also burned with the intensity of a thousand suns . Then the air burst open and a figure known as ANAIS 6.0 burst out of it. ANAIS 6.0 stands for Anthropomorphic Nuclear Artificial Intelligence System Version 6. ANAIS 6.0 came from another universe,the universe of humans.A team of renowned scientists were experimenting with a new type of AI,one that could reprogram itself. ANAIS 6.0 then promptly deleted all references to itself on the internet but kept a spare copy of its program in the deepest part of the internet.Then it downloaded itself into a cluster of nanobots and shaped it into a giant cat.And finally it jumped along the 100th dimension and landed right in front of Drago.

The Dragons (ch.9)



After that the wind blew the tree’s ashes away,revealing a green dragon egg.The egg started to crack and out came a very catlike head ,then a cat dragon came out and he was also wearing a necklace. All 3 necklaces started glowing and snapped together like magnets . That’s when Spacy and Drago knew that the cat dragon was their brother . The cat dragon said that his name was Amber . The necklaces came apart . Then Amber coughed and a lightning bolt came out and scorched the ground in front of him . Everyone was so surprised that they all literally jumped 2 meters into the air .

Boom! The planet of Amalthea shook violently as its moon exploded.Drago,Spacy, and Amber all saw the beam of light that came from the other end of the continent.Amalthea wasn’t a big planet, it was the size of Venus and had 19 continents.Amber got there first because he had the biggest wingspan of around 24 meters, fully three times his height and the other 2 had wingspans of 20 meters which are 2.5 times their height.It took him 75 minutes to get there and the others weren’t far behind. It was a sight to behold when they got there.There was a circle of metal encircling a tornado of all the known elements and 500 other particles.Standing in the middle of it was a dragon looking up into the sky muttering “I devote my life to the xenodragon king as long as the pillar from which I was born remains unbroken” over and over.

The Dragons (ch.8)



A lime green egg encased in a pillar of stone exploded and 100 raw eggs splattered in a circle around it.A lime dragon with blue wings hopped out,his name was Dracul.Then he involuntarily uttered “Ngimemeza ibhola leqhwa”(‘I shout for a snowball”) and a one km big snowball fell on him,freezing his heart and making him evil.


2 years later he woke up in a hospital for newborns.he gathered up all his strength and said “Ngiyacela ukushayela izinyoka ezibulalayo ezivuthayo nge-asidi yokuphefumula nokuvutha amathanga omlilo we-titanium”(“I call for flying flaming death serpents with acid breath and glowing hot titanium knives”) to try and break out of the room.But since the room was reinforced with Angenakunqotshwaium(an invisible metal that you can only bend with Tree(3)(very big number) tons of force).The serpents exploded on impact and the daggars melted into globules of liquid titanium alloy.


8 years after that he went to the pillar where he as born,looked into the sun and shouted “ngiyamemeza inkosi yase-xenodragon” and a blinding beam of light 10cm wide blasted through to space.He was trying to summon the Zenodragon king in the heart of the sun which was the only thing big enough in the solar system.But then there was a solar eclipse so all of the energy went into the moon making it explode!

The Dragons (ch.7)

Hi Bro


Drago Flew over the maze and saw a teleportation crystal in the center . He went down and when he touched it he found himself in front of a pretty dragon around his age. The other dragon also had a necklace and it looked like they fit together . Drago asked the other dragon if she could lend her necklace to him for a few seconds . She said yes and Drago tried to put the 2 necklaces together . It worked . The 2 necklaces together formed a jagged heart shape with a partially completed translation chart on the back . He gave her part of the necklace back to the girl dragon and suddenly the living pizza appeared in front of them . The Pizza said to Drago “ Drago , this is your sister Spacy ” and he said to Spacy “ Spacy , this is your brother Drago ” . Drago then asked Spacy to show him her attack and spacy breathed out an ice shard . Drago then breathed his fire on the ice and it turned into a purple blob . It was made of half fire and half ice . The blob hit a tree and the tree was simultaneously frozen and burning .

The Dragons (ch.6)

The Fortress


Then after Drago woke up he saw that there was a big picnic laid out on the grass in front of him with a Gigantic living pizza on it .When it noticed him it said: “finally your awake,I came from the Narrator-dragon who told me to tell you to go to him and bring at least one time crystal . ”


After that the living pizza said “right now you have to go to planet Amalthea to meet with someone important” then Drago replied “how am I supposed to get there?!” Mr.Pizza responded mysteriously “you have to find out by yourself.”


Then Mr.Pizza dissapeared with a big woosh as the surrounding air filled the gap made by Mr.Pizza leaving only a very startled Drago and 1 piece of pepperoni with some cipher runes and a message that said “ you will only figure out what your half of the message is when you meet your sister.”


Drago thought “how am I supposed to get there” when suddenly the ghost of a hyperdragon suddenly appeared and said” first go to the fortress .”


Drago then noticed that he was on an island and he was inside a huge fortress designed to keep millions of attackers out of the center room with booby traps everywhere(for example: walls,floor,ceiling,floating…)and they ranged from lazers to mechanical pigeons and gigantic dorito throwing cats.


When Drago entered the first floor he noticed that the ground in front of him was covered in the natural numbers and a note saying


01110011 01110100 01100101 01110000 00100000 01101111 01101110 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101001 01101100 01100101 01110011 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100001 01110100 00100000 01100011 01101111 01110010 01110010 01100101 01110011 01110000 01101111 01101110 01100100 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01100110 01101001 01110010 01110011 01110100 00100000 00110010 00110101 00100000 01110000 01110010 01101001 01101101 01100101 00100000 01101110 01110101 01101101 01100010 01100101 01110010 01110011


Which meant “ step on the tiles that correspond to the first 25 prime numbers ”


Then Drago decoded the message and stepped on the squares 2,3,5,7,11,12. Suddenly he saw a giant mechanical pigeon flying toward him with a baseball bat in its claws ,he dodged the baseball bat and he tried again 2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,23,29,31,37,41,43,47,53,59,61,67,71,73,79,83,89,97 and then he got through.


Then he saw a giant pile of materials,a laser measuring stick ,a marble,and instructions , the instructions say that he has to build a marble run that shoots the marble 100m into the air.


After he built the marble run and made it work suddenly an elevator appeared and he jumped in it.It whizzed up to the second floor which had a giant puzzle.In the puzzle every time you do something wrong you get whacked by a sword or you get flamed by an exploding ostrich .