Coding Camp

Yesterday I finished Byte camp 2d video game design .The camp was 1 week long and each day had 6 hours of learning.One funny thing was that on the last day 2 teenage volunteers found out that I was going to Burnaby mountain secondary and even asked me about the head of math department there Mrs.Morrison.Every day there were 3 breaks whwere we played outdoor games.On the first day we learned how to make a simple dodge game where evil flowers fall from the sky and you have to dodge them.On the second day we did a platformer where you get Jake the dog to the end of a level.On the last 3 days we each made our own games mine was a cat platformer:

Cat escape.png

the green and brown block is ground,the – is no jump and the + is bounce

One of the best tings about this camp is that the teachers are nice and help us with our individual problems instead of as a group.The teachers also taught us new ways of debugging like using ctrl+shift+i to check for any bugs and looking at possible missing semicolons.Overall this camp has been w=very fun and if I could go again I definitely would!

Summer school

This morning was the last part of summer school.This summer I enrolled in Pre-calculus 12.The course was 5.5 weeks long and had 10 tests(around 1 test every 2 or 3 days).In the total for my tests I got 92% which means that I got an A for the first part.Then in the final exam I got 100% which raised my total score to 93%.

I think my teacher Ms.Paterson is very good at explaining what each and every concept means.For example when she explained to the class what factorial notation is.Also when I am done the assignments for the day she lets me go to the library to read.

The library is one of my favourite places in the high school.One of the reasons why I like the library so much is that it allows me to wind down and relax after some studying.It is also a place for me to learn new things and read interesting science books like “How things work now”.

Overall this summer was AWESOME!

My favorite Greek restauant

My favorite Greek restaurant is located around 3 minutes from my house on Cameron st.It is directly opposite Cameron public library.

I usually eat there when I get an A or when a relative comes for a visit.Also when there is a holiday.

My favorite meal there is the Arni Kleftiko which is roasted lamp shoulder with rice and Greek salad and yogurt.

Right when you go in you see the bar with the cashier and the alcohol people.I usually go to the kitchen situated on the right to talk to the chef.Inside the restaurant are walls which look like they’ve been splattered from a concrete glob fight which actually makes it look pretty cool.It is in the shape of an L with an outdoor patio and tables.

I wish I could take this restaurant with me wherever I go!


One of my hobbies is making origami.By now I have around 10 paper shurikens and 25 paper swords.Making origami is one of my ways of relaxation and testing out new sword designs is always cool.Here is a rundown of the types of swords I make: long sword(1 meter),Double bladed,throwable,sword with bent tip(for hooking) and assassin sword.I make my swords out of A4 printer paper and I get my instructions online.


↑a long sword

I also have many 8 pointed stars and 4 pointed stars.

This year at BMSS for me

BMSS is by far the best high school I’ve been to this year.It is awesome for many reasons.Some of them include the classes,the teachers and the pizza!This year I took calculus 12 with Mrs.Morrison who is the department head at BMSS.As I said previously I love the pizza there and I will be telling you why soon.

The pizza there is great because of 3 reasons.The first one is that you can actually see what they put in the pizza because the do it on a counter where the potential customer can see.Secondly the slices are huge,not like pizza in a box which are very slim and mostly air.Lastly the chefs and the cashiers are all very nice which makes the experience even better.The lunch lady also particularly likes me!

The teachers are all very nice and good at the things they teach.I know you are thinking why wouldn’t a teacher know that they are teaching,Good question because some teachers just pay a school some money to be let in.The teachers I know at the high school are :Mrs.Morrison(department head teaches calculus 12),Mrs.Fulop(teaches math) and Mr.Liu(helps other math teachers).Anyways the niceness of the teachers are directly proportional to the amount students learn.So in my opinion the teachers at BMSS encourage the students to learn so much that even the lazy students learn a lot.I am also Currently enrolled in grade 12 Precalculus summer school.

In conclusion BMSS is a very great school overall and it has many upsides.So I give it a rating of pi^2(around 9.8) out of 10.